Review : 2022 Mitsubishi Outander

Published: Mar 17, 2022 8:26 AM

Mitsubishi Outlander was one of the first successful crossovers when it debuted in the early 2000s. The straightforward formula, practical design and decent motorisation proved to be good enough for global popularity. However, since then, SUVs of all brands diminished Outlander’s market share, so Mitsubishi was forced to upgrade the model to SUV-spec for its latest generation. Due to the company’s shrinking sales number on global markets, Mitsubishi is invested heavily in this model, and so far, it looks like Outlander is doing good. In Australia, this new, fourth-generation has reported respectable sales, and it comes as a very comprehensive package, so let’s see what exactly Outlander has to offer.

The Outlander Range

Mitsubishi is offering Outlander in two distinctive variants as part of the big offensive on the family SUV and crossover market. As 5-seat and with the third-row seating and 7-seat capacity. The range starts with Outlander ES, which is a 5-seat model available in 2WD and AWD versions. The base grade ES models come decently equipped with a 9.0-inch touchscreen and smartphone connectivity and the safety systems like the Forward Collision Mitigation and Blind Spot Warning.

Outlander LS is next in line, which is only available as a 7-seat version and can be recognised by small exterior changes silver trim inserts on the grille and roof rails. It also has somewhat better equipment which features wireless charging, a smart key operating system, Rear Automatic Emergency Braking and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. This version is also available with a 2 or AWD drivetrain. The Outlander Aspire (2 or AWD) is next grade, and it comes with unique 20-inch wheels, heated front seats, power tailgate, and heads-up display as standard.

The most expensive model is called Mitsubishi Outlander Exceed, and it comes as standard or Exceed Tourer. It is fully loaded with things like a panoramic sunroof, black leather seats, a 12.3-inch driver display, premium audio system and three-zone climate control. The Outlander Exceed Tourer has a few extra bits like a black-out roof and upgraded, massaging front seats. The Exceed grade always comes with a 4WD drive train and automatic transmission.

The 2022 Outlander starts at $40,490 for the AWD ES model, and the Exceed Tourer is priced at $54,490 which makes this model a somewhat affordable proposition, at least compared to the other similar models on the market.

The Engines And Transmission

Under the bonnet of the new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander, things are pretty simple with only one available engine. Regardless of equipment grade or drive train option, buyers will get a 2.5-litre petrol engine with four cylinders delivering 135 kW and 245 Nm of torque. The transmission is an 8-speed CVT unit that sends power to the front or all four wheels, depending on the version. The fuel consumption is decent, and Mitsubishi rates it at 8.1 litres per 100 kilometres on average.

We are a bit puzzled by the lack of other engine options, but Mitsubishi offers Outlander PHEV, which features plug-in hybrid technology with an improved economy and fuel consumption. However, Outlander PHEV comes as a previous-generation body style and is regarded as a separate model.

The Interior And Usability

In an attempt to capture the hearts of family-oriented buyers, Mitsubishi invested a lot in exterior design, giving Outlander a unique and aggressive look. However, the most significant improvement was on the inside, and the driver’s environment now looks very advanced with the TFT driver’s display and elegant dashboard layout. The materials are all improved, and the ergonomics are excellent. There are no unnecessary gimmicks, strange shapes or too big displays that clutter the interior. It is all nicely designed and executed, which makes driving the Outlander enjoyable.

With an overall length of 4.7 meters (1.8 meters wide), Outlander is not as big as some other competitors, which can be a pro as well as a con. Despite the dimensions slightly larger than the family hatchback, Outlander managed to provide ample room for its passengers. For example, if you have a version with five seats or you decide to fold down the third row, you will get up to 478 litres of usable space. This is more than the Mazda CX-8, which is similarly sized and appeals to the same type of customer. However, as expected with the third row up, the luggage compartment is relatively small at 163 litres, but it is still better than some competitors.

Some customers could conclude that Outlander is capable off-road due to its 4WD optional drive train; however, we wouldn’t suggest taking it anywhere demanding. The chassis, suspension, and ground clearance construction clearly mark it as a road-going model with rugged looks, not a desert runner or off-road SUV.

The Conclusion

We cannot ignore the fact that the current 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander is a significant step up for this model as well as for the company itself. The good-looking exterior styling, elegant interior, excellent selection of features and optional extras, all followed by affordable price, makes Outlander’s popularity easy to understand. Finally, Mitsubishi has a competitive product that appeals to younger buyers and has plenty of space for more demanding customers.

However, in order to make this product really appealing to an even wider range of buyers, Mitsubishi needs to develop it more. Offer more engines, diesel variants, off-road specific versions, high-performance model and cover all niche aspects which can generate more sales. The current motorization is barely adequate with a single petrol engine on offer and an 8-speed CVT transmission. This combo isn’t providing the customers with any significant performance or driving dynamics. We hope that Mitsubishi will invest and expand the engine range and provide customers with more choices and options, which will undoubtedly help achieve even better results on the market.

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