Review : Hyundai Palisade

Published: Mar 21, 2022 11:29 AM

Even though Hyundai already has a 7-seat model in their lineup (Santa Fe), the company knows that in the SUV world, bigger is better and that the customers are always drawn to more space and comfort. Hence the Palisade is the largest SUV in their range. Debuted for the Australian market in 2020, Palisade is available in 7 or 8-seat configuration and represents the pinnacle of Hyundai’s technology, design and style. Despite the higher price, it managed to win some buyers, and that is why we will review it to see if it is worth your consideration.

Although the Palisade is aimed at the upscale family SUV market, its size ( almost 5 meters in length) and tow capacity (up to 2,200 kg braked) make it a pretty capable vehicle. However, do not expect off-road usability since the on-demand 4WD system is available on only one engine, and the suspension layout clearly limits any all-terrain use.

 The Palisade Models

As expected, all Palisade models are filled with luxury features from the start. The base grade, called just Palisade, comes with a leather interior, 8-seat configuration, 8.0-inch multimedia touchscreen display, and 7-inch instrument TFT display. The standard equipment includes the LED daytime running lights, 7 USB ports, panoramic glass in the third row, Hyundai’s Smart Sense system, electronic parking brake and a rear-view camera. The next grade is called Palisade Elite, and it is available with 7 or 8 seats. Since this is an upgrade over the standard model, you can expect a lot more. The list starts with 20-inch wheels, a bigger 10.25-inch infotainment screen, satellite navigation, premium audio system, rear privacy glass, dual LED headlights, and a single panel sunroof. The leather interior is also standard on this grade but available only in black. Even though the Palisade Elite has 7 or 8 seats, it has 14 or16 cupholders!

The Palisade Highlander is the top grade, and it is also available in a seven or 8-seat configuration. With 20-inch wheels with unique styling, choice of black or burgundy leather interior, exterior details and chrome trim, this model looks very upscale and imposing. However, the list of features doesn’t end there. The Palisade Highlander has a dual sunroof, Head-Up display, heated and ventilated seats with memory and a heated steering wheel.

The Engines And Mechanicals

Due to the fact that Palisade’s platform is closely related to Kia Carnival, if you expected to have the same engine options, you were right. Under the Palisade’s bonnet, two engines could be found – petrol V6 and diesel four-cylinder. Regardless of the equipment grade, buyers can get both engines and mandatory 8-speed automatic transmission. The petrol unit has 3.8-litres of displacement and delivers 217 kW and 355 Nm of torque. This is a smooth powerplant that only sends power to front wheels and has a decent fuel economy of 10.7 litres per 100 kilometres of combined driving.

The second engine is a well-known 2.2-litre turbo diesel unit that is commonly used throughout Kia and Hyundai’s range. This engine has 147 kW, and 440 Nm of torque comes with 8-speed automatic and on-demand all-wheel-drive system. Even though the diesels are usually much more frugal, due to the almost 2-ton weight of the Palisade, the difference in consumption is not that drastic. The diesel consumes about three litres less than petrol engine in 100 kilometres of combined driving.

The Practicality

Engineered as a capable people carrier with excellent highway manners, Hyundai Palisade’s best suits are practicality and comfort. Apart from a long list of standard and optional extras that transform this vehicle into a luxury suite, we have to discuss the space. First of all, the seating configurations. You will get a 2+2+3 layout with a foldable third row if you choose the seven-seater form. The 8-seat versions will have a 2+3+3 configuration with the redesigned second row.

In terms of luggage space, the third row makes a big difference. When all seats are up, you will get only 311 litres of usable space, which is as much as Ford Fiesta. However, when the third row is folded, over 700 litres of space makes packing for long trips a breeze. If you want to transfer really long objects, you can partially fold the second row and get even more room. However, all passengers have enough leg and headroom for comfortable travelling regardless of their seating position.

The Interior

With elegant styling, easy to read instruments and quality materials, the interior of Hyundai Palisade looks and feels upscale and justifies the price. Staying away from big displays that look tacked on, designers incorporated this feature into the dashboard and didn’t lose any elegance or usability. The wood inserts and easy to use the central console with good ergonomy only enhance this feel and makes the Palisade’s interior a very cozy and comfortable place to spend time.

The Conclusion

The 2022 Palisade starts at $55,700 and goes up to $75,500, which is far from cheap. However, compared to similar models, the Hyundai is a reasonable option considering that it is a new model filled with the latest tech and features. But despite being spacious, well-equipped and good value for the money, we feel that Hyundai missed the mark slightly, making this model a highway cruiser instead of an all-around vehicle. Since this is an SUV, some customers might want a more capable drive train, 4WD option on the petrol engine, and all-terrain capability. That being said, if you intend to stay on the tarmac and provide safe transformation for your family, the Palisade will fulfil your needs. On the other hand, if you want a bit more from your SUV, this is not the ideal choice.

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Mar 21, 2022 11:29 AM

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