Motor Scout Australia make buying a car hassle free.

No nonsense car buying service

As Australia’s leading car buying service, we provide clients with a completely transparent service allowing them to see all prices and comments from our dealer network. We only work with reputable dealers that ensure you not only get a great price but more importantly, you have a seamless buying experience.
Peter Gee Motor Scout

We can assist in getting a great finance rate

Buying your new car is only 1 part of the process. Ensuring you get a great finance deal is the other. We work with multiple brokers and finance companies which are integrated into our process to ensure there are no disruptions or missing pieces when buying your new car.

Whether it’s a personal loan, business loan or novated lease, we can assist throughout the entire process.

Peter Gee Motor Scout

Trade in prices within hours!

Don’t just take one dealerships trade-in advice. We get multiple dealer trade-in offers as well as a wider buying network across Australia where you can drop your car at the dealership or we can arrange pickup from your home or office.
Peter Gee Motor Scout