Review: 2024 Jeep Wrangler

Published: Apr 28, 2024 2:00 PM

The 2024 Jeep Wrangler is more than just a vehicle; it’s an emblem of rugged freedom and off-road prowess. Whether you’re conquering rocky trails or cruising through city streets, the Wrangler stands tall, unyielding, and ready for action. Let’s dive into the details and explore what makes this iconic SUV tick.

Pros and Cons


  • Legendary Off-Road Capability: This is a Jeep, after all. With best-in-class approach, breakover, and departure angles, a robust 4×4 system, and solid build quality, the Wrangler thrives where the pavement ends.
  • Improved Technology: The 2024 model boasts a sleek 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, keeping you connected and entertained on any adventure.
  • More Safety Features: Side curtain airbags are a welcome addition, and available driver-assist features like forward-collision warning and blind-spot monitoring provide extra peace of mind.
  • Open-Air Options: Removable roof and doors are a Wrangler signature, perfect for soaking up the Aussie sunshine (or dodging a surprise downpour with the removable soft top).



  • Fuel Efficiency: Let’s be honest, Wranglers aren’t known for sipping fuel. The 3.6L V6 engine delivers power, but it comes at a cost at the pump.
  • On-Road Handling: While it’s improved, the Wrangler’s off-road prowess translates to a slightly less comfortable ride on smooth surfaces.
  • Price: Wranglers aren’t cheap. The base price starts around AU$76,000, and with options, it can climb quickly.


How Much Does It Cost?

The 2024 Wrangler comes in four trim levels:

  • Sport S (starting at AU$75,950): This entry-level trim offers the essentials for off-road fun.
  • Willys (price TBA): Expected to be a mid-range option with a focus on heritage styling.
  • Overland (price TBA): Leans towards comfort and capability with features like leather seats and upgraded suspension.
  • Rubicon (starting at AU$88,450): The ultimate off-roader, with locking differentials, a winch-ready bumper, and more.


Features and Benefits: More Than Just a Pretty Grille

The 2024 Wrangler goes beyond off-road prowess. Here are some key features and their benefits:

  • New Infotainment System: The large touchscreen is easy to use and keeps you connected.
  • Heated Seats and Steering Wheel: Enjoy a comfortable ride even in chilly mornings.
  • Multiple Roof Options: Choose from a hardtop, soft top, or even a power convertible top for ultimate versatility.
  • Customizable Interior: With different seat configurations and trim options, personalize your Wrangler to match your style.


Safety First: Conquering the Trails with Confidence

The 2024 Wrangler prioritizes safety with:

  • Standard airbags: Including the new side curtain airbags for improved side-impact protection.
  • Available Driver-Assistance Features: These can help you avoid collisions and stay in your lane.
  • Durable Construction: The Wrangler’s solid build provides a strong foundation for safety on and off the road.


An Off-Road Legend

Running Costs: Fuel Efficiency and More

While the Wrangler might not win any fuel-efficiency awards, there are ways to manage running costs:

  • Consider your driving habits: If you mostly do highway driving, a Wrangler might not be the most economical choice.
  • Look after your Jeep: Regular maintenance will help ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Think long-term: Wranglers hold their value well, so you might recoup some costs when it’s time to sell.


Facing the Competition: Wrangler vs. the Pack

The Wrangler‘s main competitors are the Ford Bronco and the Toyota LandCruiser. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Ford Bronco: Similar off-road capability, more modern interior, but slightly smaller.
  • Toyota LandCruiser: Legendary reliability, comfortable on-road manners, but not quite as adventurous as the Wrangler.


Ultimately, the choice depends on your priorities.


The 2024 Jeep Wrangler – A Legend Evolves

The 2024 Jeep Wrangler isn’t for everyone. It’s thirsty, a bit rough around the edges on the road, and comes with a hefty price tag. But for those who crave off-road adventure, open-air freedom, and a vehicle that embodies a sense of heritage and adventure. It’s a capable machine that lets you explore further and experience the outdoors in a way that few vehicles can.

Rating: 8.5/10

The 2024 Jeep Wrangler scores a high mark of 8.5 out of 10. It excels for off-road capability, open-air freedom, and improved technology. However, fuel efficiency and on-road handling are downsides. If adventure is your priority, this Wrangler is a great choice.

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Apr 28, 2024 2:00 PM

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